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Founded in 2010, Maico-Mannesmann aims to unite economic principles and aspects of environmental protection. Our technical innovations contribute to the solution of environmental and social problems.

The Maico-Mannesmann Group and its companies have been operating successfully worldwide in the following fields of activity:

  • development of innovative and modernization of existing technologies in the fields of ecological safety and efficient but sensible use of natural resources;
  • development of alternative methods of energy conservation and new energy resources;
  • development and implementation of new technologies for the processing of industrial and municipal waste;
  • development of technologies for the production of composite materials with nanoparticles.

We continue the traditions, the experience and the innovative spirit of German industry and are continually working on the improvement of existing products, as well as the implementation of innovative technologies in order to contribute to a sustainable development of modern society.

Our main priorities and objectives are to unite the principles of economic efficiency and aspects of environmental protection, to solve essential tasks of modern society, scientific and technical development with an application-oriented policy for development and production.

Also, Maico-Mannesmann takes an active part in educational and charity programmes.

„The most important task of Maico-Mannesmann is the search for innovative, future-oriented and at the same time realistic solutions of ecological problems. Meeting the highest environmental standards in the realization of complex technological projects has to be a basic requirement of our work.“

— Johann Sommer, Director

„The key factors of our success are to be found in the high quality standard of our developments. In addition, we respond dynamically to changing market conditions. Thanks to the professionalism of our specialists and the honest and open approach to partners and customers, this corporate success is possible.“

— Mikhail Nikolaiev, Director (Maico-Mannesmann Dynamics)


Protecting the environment and thus securing the future of generations to come are the basis of all our projects. We unite our philosophy of sustainability with the innovative spirit and the experience of German industrialists and act in an economically and environmentally responsible manner at all times. Our concept of cooperative social responsibility is based on our partner’s long-term interests. Not only the results of our activities matter to us, the manner is equally important.

We develop innovative technologies to improve people's lives permanently. With our partners we maintain respectful relationships and are open to constructive and open dialogues - mutual trust is the basis of every business relationship. Our corporate philosophy can be summarized as follows: consciousness of tradition, future-oriented planning and action and use of the latest technologies.

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Looking Forward

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